For years, the people of Puerto Rico have been forced to be second to Wall Street and vulture funds. While a federal court decides whether $6 billion of the island's debt should be declared invalid, Congress should use its power of oversight over the Financial Management and Oversight Board (FOMB) - also known as the Junta - to demand an audit of the debt. Congress must hold the Junta accountable and ensure it goes after Wall Street and the banks to reclaim the money they acquired through illegal debt.


Call your members of Congress and demand they:

  • Use their power of oversight to hold the Financial Management and Oversight Board to audit Puerto Rico's debt;

  • Ensure the board hold the banks that created a profit from this illegal debt accountable;

  • No debt be paid while Puerto Rico is still recovering from the devastating effects from hurricane Maria and years of vulture driven austerity;

  • All Puerto Rican debt be audited and any debt that was issued illegally be cancelled.


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