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Vamos4PR Statement: Governor Rosselló Must Step Down

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This statement can be attributed to Shirley Aldebol, Vice President 32BJ SEIU and VAMOS4PR steering committee member.

"We at VAMOS4PR share the deep frustration and disgust of millions of Puerto Ricans on the island and around the world at the allegations of widespread corruption and misconduct by Governor Rossello and members of his cabinet. We agree that Governor Rossello must step down. But the underlying issues go deeper than the latest scandal. The passionate protests by hundreds of thousands of people speak to a decade long economic recession, a public debt crisis that has decimated the island’s education and health system, and compounding damages from Hurricane Maria that have not been adequately addressed.

"Puerto Rico’s legislature must step up to hold island officials accountable. Congress must take up its duty to provide robust oversight of the Financial Oversight Board created under the PROMESA law. The undemocratic body has thus far overwhelmingly favored Wall Street over the people, and like the Rossello officials accused of corruption, papered over significant conflicts of interest. Congress must additionally reject the call to use the recent revelations of corruption as an excuse for blocking or compromising critical aid for the island, and it must ensure a just resolution to Puerto Rico's public debt that puts the island's people first. Our elected officials must not allow this crisis to serve as an opportunity for further exploitation."