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Vamos4PR Statement on the Resignation of Governor Rosselló

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This statement can be attributed to Shirley Aldebol, Vice President 32BJ SEIU and VAMOS4PR steering committee member.


"Governor Rosselló's resignation proves that people joining together have the power to achieve positive change through democractic, participatory means. Puerto Ricans on the island and around the world showed they would no longer tolerate mockery and disregard for their lives. 


"But getting Rosselló out is just the beginning of the changes that Puerto Rico needs to rebuild after a decade long economic recession, a public debt crisis that has decimated the island’s education and health system, and unprecedented damage from Hurricane Maria. We agree that Puerto Rico needs public officials who serve the people instead of serving the interests of those looking to exploit the island's resources, including  vulture funds. 


"To move forward, the island's people also need to be unburdened from debt acquired illegally, and to receive adequate relief funding. To set Puerto Rico back on track, Congress must also vigorously act on its responsibility to provide oversight of the Oversight Board it set up through the PROMESA law, without giving this unelected body powers beyond what it already has. Bipartisan legislation is sitting in Congress that would curb the conflicts of interest that have sullied the Board’s work. Puerto Rico's future must be in the hands of Puerto Ricans."